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At The Student Hand, our mission is to empower students, graduates and businesses alike by fostering meaningful connections and creating a transformative recruitment experience.

We connect your organisation with talented students looking to start their professional careers.

We provide a free service to help you gain internship and graduate opportunities.

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In today’s competitive landscape, finding the right candidate is more than a necessity – it’s a strategic advantage. That’s where we come in. As a business leader, you understand the value of hiring not just any graduate, but the right graduate to bring new energy, ideas, and perspectives to your team.

At The Student Hand, we specialise in connecting New Zealand businesses with a diverse pool of students and graduates who are eager to apply their academic achievements and fresh perspectives in the professional world. Our comprehensive database is your gateway to a range of candidates equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in their respective fields.

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At The Student Hand, your journey from academia to the professional world is our top priority. As a student or recent graduate, navigating the path to your first career opportunity can be daunting, but you’re not alone.

At The Student Hand, we’re dedicated to connecting you with New Zealand businesses eager to find fresh talent brimming with potential just like yours.

We understand the unique skills and perspectives you bring to the table, and we believe in creating opportunities that align with your aspirations and academic achievements. With our extensive database and personalised approach, we match you with roles that not only fit your qualifications but also your career goals.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging internship to kickstart your career or a graduate position to apply your knowledge, The Student Hand is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Our Process



Businesses are able to fill in our job request form on our For Businesses page or via our contact page to discuss requests or to learn more about our services.

Students are able to sign up to our service via the For Students page on our website. For more information students are encouraged to contact The Student Hand via our ‘Contact’ page.



Upon a business job request we will then choose a talent pool of between 3-5 students from our database who best fit the job request.

These students are then notified of the request and their necessary information and documents are provided to businesses.


Businesses then go through their own recruitment process to gain a successful hire.

Should we not provide a successful candidate we will meticulously review our process and discuss with businesses how we can improve this outcome.